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Mater Hospital, Townsville now has the state of the art, Da Vinci XI robot to assist surgeries. Dr Kannan is a Certified Urogynaecologist, and she performs robot-assisted surgeries when appropriate and beneficial to her patients. Dr Kannan is also an experienced Laparoscopic surgeon and uses a variety of minimally invasive surgical methods/procedures since 2006. 

Dr. Kurinji Kannan

MB BS (Ind), Dip O&G (NZ), CPI (USA), FRANZCOG, FICOG, M.Surg. Ed, CU


Many years of Dr. Kannan’s experience from large tertiary hospitals in Australia and New Zealand is now extended to private patients at Mater Hospital. Dr. Kannan served in King Edward Memorial Hospital in Perth, WA, National Women’s, Middlemore and Auckland City Hospitals in New Zealand prior to joining Townsville Hospital in 2006. Child birth or Genecology related care, you get the benefit of Dr. Kannan’s long years of experience. Dr. Kannan is also among a small group of women in Australia who are certified as subspecialists in Urogynaecology. Learn more

Dr. Kurinji Kannan